Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mariachi Named One of Best Children's Books of 2008

Gustavo and friends are getting noticed.

A January 21 story here reports that The Best Mariachi in the World/El Mejor Mariachi del Mundo has been named one of the Best Children's Fiction Books of 2008 by Críticas, which had previously given Mariachi a starred review.

The Críticas article is found here.

As a first-time children's author who has benefited greatly from the assistance of Raven Tree Press publisher Dawn Jeffers, illustrator Dani Jones and translator Eida de la Vega, I am delighted at this turn of events. My gratitude and amazement reach all the way to the Sombrero Galaxy.


SueG said...

I hate to be obnoxious about it but..."told you so!" I'm so happy for you and this well-deserved recognition. Ole!

J.D. Smith said...

Thanks, Sue. I am grateful for your previous and current support.

While I have your attention, you may want to watch this space over the weekend for a bit of non-Mariachi news.

Judy said...

Well, here in this South Texas household we would vote "Mariachi" to the top of the list! Congratulations!