Monday, April 13, 2009

Anarchy in the Pre-K! (Now with Pictures)

Visit accomplished! I have proof, thanks to Chris Clardy of the Brooksfield School.

And on the morning of April 1 there were indeed sombreros, one full-sized and another, too small even for the kids, that could maybe fit a very patient guinea pig or rabbit.

There were two sessions. The first was with what I was told were 57 or 58 three to five-year-olds. They are very small and move fast, so I wasn't able to count them myself. The second was with about two dozen six to eight-year-olds, who aren't as small but move even faster.
I have two appearances scheduled in May, which I'll discuss soon, and tomorrow I plan to post a message from our friends at Reading Is Fundamental.
Until then, I welcome your guesses as to what I am holding in my right hand in the last picture.


Christopher Pimental said...

Good stuff, JD. Looks like fun.

SueG said...

Gotta' say, you look right at home up there in front of those kids!

J.D. Smith said...

Thanks, Chris and Sue.

It was indeed fun, and also a bit draining, as I had to see how the audience was responding and keep them interested.

But I'm totally ready to do it again.