Friday, February 18, 2011

The Waiting Is the Hardest Part

I should have known. Tom Petty had this figured out a long time ago.

Today is February 18, and Dowsing and Science will be released on March 1. In any long view, that is the blink of an eye, an instant. Right now, though, that period of anticipation seems like an eternity.

My author's copies will arrive any day now, and then the reality will start to sink in. My publisher is graciously sending out review copies, a great weight off my shoulders, and I can move on to the business of hoping and fearing what reviewers might say.

Publicity arrangements so far include a blog tour with four stops scheduled in the next couple of months. Anyone who would like to extend that tour is welcome to get in touch.

Barring anything disastrous, there will be a Washington, DC launch event at some point in the spring. One venue that seemed promising for that purpose is closing at the end of this month, so event planning begins all over again.

Now there are readings and talks to schedule, and invitations are more than welcome. Fortunate are the writers who have agents and speakers' bureaus, and it would delight me to become one of them.

But for now there is the waiting. So close, and so far away, is the publication of Dowsing and Science.


Sue Guiney said...

Yep...the writing is the easy part. The rest of it....yikes! But worth it. Can't wait to get my copy. Btw, did you ask Sue B-F to promote it on the next AC Cascade?

J.D. Smith said...

Thanks, Sue.

You are a step ahead of me. I will be sending a note for the next Anam Cara newsletter this weekend.