Thursday, January 31, 2013

Notes of a Tourist on Planet Earth

Sometimes a blog takes a little nap.

And sometimes that little nap turns into a long nap, then a hibernation that continues into the spring.

And then it goes into a longer nap that lasts all summer, which is called estivation if memory serves.

And once in a while that nap will go all the way through the fall, though the word for that doesn't come to mind at the moment.

Some regular readers of a blog, such as the blogger's father, might even start to wonder if that long slumber has turned into a dirt nap.

But that is no longer a concern for this blog.

Smitroverse is waking up (if perhaps groggily burying the lede) for the March 1 publication of my first humor collection, Notes of a Tourist on Planet Earth, by Cassowary Press of Los Angeles. Both print and ebook editions are available for pre-order from the usual online seller suspects, and the print edition will be shelved at bookstores with a pulse and a sense of daring. (If you manage such a bookstore, please contact SCB Distributors to order.)

In case you're wondering, Notes of a Tourist on Planet Earth has a little bit of something for everyone: stories, poems, essays, song parodies, lists, a manifesto or two and even a canine resume. You can think of the collection as a whole magazine by a single author who is attempting to become the Swiss Army knife of American writing.

In an upcoming post I'll say a little bit more about the book, the publisher and the publicity firm that will be getting the word out.

For now, though, I would simply urge you to order Notes of a Tourist on Planet Earth for the sake of my cash flow. My wife and I are remodeling both bathrooms this year, and I might be placing some rather large long-shot bets on Puppy Bowl IX.


Sue Guiney said...

It's 1 thing to be funny in person -- which you are. But it's an entirely different, and more difficult thing to be funny in writing. but I bet you've done it brilliantly, and I can't wait to read it. Congrats !

J.D. Smith said...

Thank you very much, Sue. You already know one of the stories in the book, which you and your family had read before we met at Anam Cara in Ireland.

This is going to be an adventure unlike any other I've had so far, and support from friends means a lot on the way.